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Treatment Plans

What to Expect

Here at The Genesis Project, treatment plans vary widely and are designed to meet the specific needs of each individual patient. A typical length of stay is approximately 5 days/nights. Factors that are taken into account when formulating this plan include the type and amount of substances currently using, any existing co-occurring medical conditions, mental and emotions stability, and current home/work situations. Listed below is a generalized outline on what to expect when admitted to The Genesis Project.

  • Thorough workup for any on-going medical conditions
  • Addiction assessment
  • Evaluation and prevention of suicide ideations
  • Evaluation of home environment/dynamic
  • Emergently treat any existing medical condition
  • IV Fluids for rehydration and volume depletion
  • IV medications administered to preempt symptoms of withdrawal and keep patient comfortable
  • Start prophylactic medications to prevent adverse effects to withdrawal such as anti-seizure meds, anti-spasm meds
  • Personal Patient Care Advocate present at all times during admission and stay
  • Exceptional meals focused around patient’s needs and desires
  • Start detox protocols as appropriate. i.e. Subutex, Ativan, etc.
  • Bridge device applied if medically appropriate
  • Ketamine infusions if medically appropriate
  • NAD+ infusion if medically appropriate
  • Continued IV Hydration and symptomatic support as needed
  • Safely taper down all medications
  • If appropriate, Naltrexone pellet insertion for continued opioid and alcohol cessation treatment. These last up to 6 months
  • Other equally critical Discharge planning such as physician follow up, psychological counseling, and addiction services with transfers as warranted to other long-term treatment facilities


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