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The Genesis Project


In-Hospital Supportive Withdrawal Program During Detoxification

The Genesis Project was established by a team of like-minded individuals with a heartfelt desire to provide cutting-edge medical management during the process of withdrawal. It has been well documented that detoxification is one of the biggest barriers to chemical dependency treatment. We aim to provide a more 21st century/modernized approach to this process so that those in need can begin their addiction recovery on a solid footing. We utilize leading medical research to guide our IV therapy management and to tailor each patient’s treatment with their own specific withdrawal needs. Our goal is to minimize the physiological effects of chemical detoxification, which may include symptoms such as severe anxiety, gastrointestinal dysregulation, muscle cramps, and many other adverse side effects.  We also provide each patient with a Personal Care Advocate who is present at all times during their stay to walk with them through the detox phase of their journey.

Current literature shows that a higher success rate is achieved when counseling is paired with Medically-Assisted Treatment. We work with each person to design the most appropriate treatment plan for their long-term success in sobriety and recovery. We believe, every person has intrinsic value and merits the opportunity to create a future that has fulfillment, joy, and solid relationships written into it.

The Genesis Project will be working with reputable, like-minded rehab centers to create a smooth transition from our hospital facility to the next appropriate level of care for each individual.  Our hope is to deliver a stress free transfer between all levels of care as patients advance through each phase toward a new lifestyle full of hope, support, and confidence.


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